Crocheted Pot Holders

By Rachel Moger-Reischer , last updated March 22, 2011

Crocheted pot holders are fun to make and a great gift! Pot holders are incredibly useful around the kitchen and a necessity for every cook. Crocheted pot holders are especially convenient, because they are thick enough to protect against the hottest pots and pans, yet still flexible enough to bend comfortably with your hand. Make some for your own kitchen or give a set of three as a gift. Coordinate the colors to compliment the color scheme of your kitchen or that of the intended recipient. If you have more advanced crocheting skills, use fancy stitch patterns or create unique shapes such as hearts or animals for example. Here are two simple descriptions for a square and a circular pot holder, but they do not begin to exhaust the possibilities.

Square Pot Holder

Using cotton yarn and an appropriate sized crochet hook make an eight inch long chain. The number of stitches will, of course, depend on the weight of your yarn and the size of your needle. Work back and forth in single or double crochet stitch or alternate between the two for a textured stripe effect. You can easily create a striped pot holder by alternation colors. Or create a solid color square and then work a row of single crochet around the entire square as a border. Put three stitches into each corner stitch so that your pot holder lies flat.

Circular Pot Holder

Chain five. Join in a ring by making a slip stitch in the first stitch of the chain. Make ten single crochet stitches into this ring. Instead of inserting your needle into each stitch, insert it into the ring. This will create a smooth, finished center. You can either work in a continuous spiral, simply making your eleventh stitch in the first single crochet stitch, or you can work in rounds, using chain stitches as if to turn though there is no need to actually turn the work. If you wish to make stripes or use more than one color in any way, it is better to choose the second option. The first option, however, does create a beautiful spiral effect. As you work, increase periodically so that your pot holder will lie flat. Continue to work until your pot holder is about five and a half inches in radius.

If you wish, add a little loop to hang your pot holder by. When your pot holder has reached the desired size, chain ten and create a loop by putting a slip stitch in the base of the chain.

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