Crossbow Hunting Tips

By Danny Wong , last updated January 17, 2012

Every hunter could use a few crossbow hunting tips to improve their game. To catch small game, one must be proficient with a crossbow and understand the best ways to use it. A crossbow is not a simple weapon to use, and a bit of know-how is important for anyone who is getting ready to fire an arrow. For individuals who are constantly looking enhance their game, here are some crossbow hunting tips they must know.

Relax Yourself

Hunting can be a nerve wracking experience, so it is important that you settle yourself down before firing an arrow. If your nerves are not steady, you might not only fail at catching any game, but you may even end up hurting yourself. One very important crossbow hunting tip to remember is you must relax your body and you should be mentally prepared for the hunt. When you are getting ready to raise your crossbow, maintain a firm stance and make sure your arms and hands are steady and not shaking.

Be Familiar with Your Gear

Another important crossbow hunting tip is being familiar with your gear, through and through. First, get used to handling your bow before you go hunting with it, which is especially important if you are using a crossbow you have not used before. Crossbows are not the same as vertical bows because loading and firing your bow is much easier with a crossbow which does most of the work for you. In fact, since crossbows are such powerful weapons, it will be good to practice your aim with your crossbow at different distances. Since crossbows shoot farther and faster than vertical bows, aiming one will be different too. Know how it works and ways to fix and troubleshoot problems so you do not ruin a good hunting day when your equipment fails. Consider using a bow hunting sight too, to help you increase your shot accuracy and improve your game. A good sight can give you that extra bit of confidence before you pull the trigger so you know you will nail the game that you are targeting.

Attire, Scents, Sounds, and Safety

When you are crossbow hunting outdoors, be sure to dress appropriately for the day's weather conditions. You do not want to wear so many clothes that will make you sweat if it is a warm day out, but you also do not want to wear too few clothes so you are freezing during your hunting trip. The animals you are hunting are also probably able to smell you, so you should make sure to use scent blocking formula on your clothes, and wear attracting scents too. Another tip to consider when hunting is minimizing your sounds and movements since your prey is also aware of its surroundings and may be scared off by unknown noises and creatures. But you may also use sounds to your advantage if you learn proper calling techniques to attract game to your location. Lastly, never walk around with an arrow loaded into your crossbow because it is easy to accidentally pull your crossbow's trigger and hurt yourself or others around you.

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