Curing Hibiscus Yellow Leaves

By Shannon C , last updated June 15, 2011

There are many different potential reasons why the leaves on a hibiscus plant might turn yellow. Reasons may range from normal aging processes to a more serious issue known as chlorosis, but experts agree that the first step in curing hibiscus yellow leaves is to identify what is causing the yellowing and focusing on the appropriate treatment for that cause. Learn more about the possible causes for hibiscus yellow leaves and use this information to successfully cure your own hibiscus should leaves begin to show signs of yellowing.

Causes of and Cures for Yellow Hibiscus Leaves

One reason for yellowing leaves can be due to normal wear and tear and the aging process. For this, simple removal of the aging leaves is the appropriate cure. Another reason for yellowing leaves can be inadequate water levels. Either too much water or not enough water can cause hibiscus leaves to begin turning yellow. Correcting water levels is a matter of testing the soil and keeping it evenly moist, neither dry nor soggy.

Yet another reason leaves on a hibiscus plant can begin to turn yellow is due to temperature or weather conditions. Too hot or cold temperatures, too much wind, and too much or not enough sunlight can all be causes for yellowing hibiscus leaves. When these issues are at play, it is important to attempt to isolate the specific cause. Too much sunlight can be diagnosed with the presence of white spots amidst the yellow, which is evidence of "sunburn". Too much heat can be diagnosed when leaves turn yellow and drop. Progressive yellowing across the entire plant and leaf drop can be a symptom that the hibiscus climate is too cool.

Finally, the most serious condition that can cause yellowing leaves is chlorisis, a soil pH imbalance that will cause half yellow, half green leaves. Application of fertilizer to balance pH can cure chlorosis.

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