Cute New Year's Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

By Sam Feeder , last updated November 30, 2011

A number of cute New Year's gifts can be given to your boyfriend, though much of this depends on what your boyfriend likes and what your plans on New Year’s may be. The New Year's holiday isn't necessarily a time where people expect to get gifts, so this may be a great way to surprise your boyfriend even more, by giving him something when he least expects it. Here are some cute gift ideas for your boyfriend in order to kick off the new year right.

Romantic Breakfast

Wake up early after the New Year's celebration and make a New Year's breakfast feast for him to wake up to, so that he can eat away his hangover and settle in for a New Year’s day of relaxation, with you of course. Make eggs and bacon, fruit, pastries like donuts and croissants, coffee and tea, so that your boyfriend can be sure to eat enough to fill himself up and not begin his New Year feeling sick from all the partying he did the night before. Turn the TV on to sports as well, so he can settle in after he eats. The most direct way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as the old saying goes.

Champagne and Strawberries

Have a nice bottle of champagne and strawberries on hand to eat and drink when you both return from your New Year’s festivities sometime after the stroke of midnight, so you can wind down with bubbly and sweets together. This is the perfect way to end one year and bring in the next and will be a great way to ease off to sleep before the sun rises. Just make sure you don't party too hard on New Year’s Eve itself, otherwise you all might not have the stomach for this cute late night gift.

A Great New Shirt

Give your boyfriend a great new shirt to wear out on New Year's Eve and literally bring the New Year in with you in style. This should be a shirt that not only you like but also one that he likes to wear out and will wear out on the town in the future, so that it doesn't seem like you are playing dress up with him on this special night. With this in mind, you may want to take him shopping a few days before and have him pick out a great shirt.

A Day at the Movies

New Year's Day is usually down time for the most part, so plan to have a movie marathon with your boyfriend and buy tickets a few weeks in advance to all the best movies that have been out over the holiday season. You can head to the theater in the morning and catch two or three movies in a row, taking breaks in between each show to grab lunch or a drink before the next film starts up. This is an ideal gift for a guy who loves movies. Even if you don't, you'll be spending the day together while watching stores unfold onscreen.

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