Decorating for a Baby Shower

By Nikki Bogopolskaya , last updated February 4, 2011
A baby shower is one of the most important parties a hostess can throw, and decorating for the event can help set the cheerful mood. The guest of honor will remember the day forever, so it is absolutely crucial that the bash be well-planned and immaculately executed. Whether you are celebrating your friend's, sister's, or colleague's baby shower, these simple ideas will ensure minimal stressing and maximum celebrating! The first step to hosting a perfect party is acquiring the perfect decorations. When planning a baby shower, consider the following.
What is the theme of the event? This is surely the biggest influence on baby shower decorations. You will want to create an over-arching theme for your décor. Baby shower themes are often traditional, such as a color (pink for girls, blue for boys, yellow for either/both) or an animal (ducks, monkeys, teddies and other cuddly critters are always a fun choice). Alternatively, they can focus around an idea, such as “library-themed” baby showers, where gifts, games, and decorations focus on books for baby boy or girl, “travel-themed” baby showers and “philanthropy-themed” baby showers, where donations to childrens' charities are given instead of gifts. Choose a theme and stick with it. Don't try to do too much. Once you decide on an idea, plan the party around it.
Where are you having the baby shower? This will largely determine scope of decoration. Will it be in a home? If so, you can take over the space with your ideas. Will it be in a restaurant? If so, you are limited to decorating the table where the party this be held. Evaluate your space and determine how large of an area you will need to decorate.
Budget is a huge consideration. How much do you want to spend on decorations for the baby shower? It is a huge honor to be selected to host a shower for a mother-to-be, however, this task comes with the responsibility of funding the fete. If you are on a tight budget, plan to keep your decorations simple but not scarce. Rather than splurging on store-bought décor, which can often get pricey, invite other guests to a pre-baby shower DIY party. Everything from invitations to party favors can be created by hand, and with friends to join in on the prep, this can be a fun rather than daunting task. Whatever your theme, location, or budget, there are some fun decorations that are appropriate for all baby shower occasions.
Banners welcoming your guests are crucial to a baby shower. We recommend stringing a clothesline across the room and using clothespins or nicely tied ribbons to hang baby clothes, onesies, socks, bibs, towels, etc., on the line. An even easier and less expensive option is to hang cut-outs of these items. For a creative welcome sign idea, take 10 disposable diapers and paint or print one big letter on each diaper to spell "Baby Shower." Pin up the diapers on the clothesline and hang across the entryway, or above the area in which the shower will be organized.
Candles will make the baby shower feel elegant and are an inexpensive choice for shower décor. Light blue, pink, or yellow candles fit well with all baby shower themes. Arrange freestanding candles as table centerpieces, and line peripheral areas with tall votive candles. One of our favorite ways of decorating with candles is to fill large decorative bowls (or alternatively, wine glasses), with scented water and place floating candles within them.
Balloons are a classic and timeless baby shower decoration and can enhance and tie together your theme. Balloon bouquets in your theme color, or fun Mylar balloons shaped like ducks, books, etc., are an easy way to decorate your home or venue. Purchase a hand-held pump for approximately $10 to alleviate yourself (and your lungs) the hassle of blowing them up yourself.
Most party supply stores sell confetti shaped like booties, ducks, and pacifiers. Sprinkle this baby-themed confetti on the gift table, food table, and extensively around the seat of honor for the mother-to-be. Purchase some sparkling confetti in standard shapes in addition to the baby-themed décor and throw into the bowls holding candles and party favors for extra fun.
Flowers are an ideal way to give your baby shower an ethereal and heavenly feel. Yellow and white roses are a classic choice that can easily accent your color scheme and theme of choice. Put flowers in large vases or oversized baby bottles to freshen up the home or restaurant your shower is being held in.
Baby Bottles
Use baby bottles for condiments like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, as well as for wine and champagne, for guests that are not expecting, of course! Print colorful labels with guests' names and affix them to the drink bottles. For a fun baby shower activity, allow guests to decorate these labels themselves.
Put the finishing touches on your party with festive plates, napkins, cups, and silverware. Choose from your theme colors or a classic gold and/or silver scheme. Any party supplies store should have plenty of colorful plates, napkins, and cups to choose from. Specialty baby-shower supply websites have even more specific choices.

Whatever theme, scheme, and décor you decide on, remember to accommodate your guest of honor and her friends with plentiful food and drink, as well as a full schedule of games and activities. The mother-to-be will thank you for years to come. Make sure to take as many photos as possible to show the mother and baby when he or she arrives!

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