Decorating a Room with Two Twin Beds

By F. F. John , last updated April 19, 2011

Decorating a room that has two twin beds can be a difficult task. However, paying attention to the preferences of those who will occupy the room and making sure that you bring in functional elements will make it easy.

Bedside Tables

After setting up the twin beds, it is crucial to bring in additional furniture and pieces to make the room truly livable. Depending on the size of the room, one or two bedside tables can be brought in. The beds can share a table, but if the room is larger, then each bed can get one bedside table. Try to use a bedside table that has storage capability, such as drawers or space for baskets that can hold books or other miscellaneous objects.


If the inhabitants of the room are toddlers, you may not want to put a lamp on the bedside table, as they will be tempted to play with it. They could then destroy it or hurt themselves in the process. However, if older inhabitants will occupy the room, lamps would provide additional lighting. Plus, the lamp shade can add an element of color and design to the room.


For school age children, and especially those that have to do significant amounts of homework, a desk would be useful. There are several desk options on the market and they range from traditional wooden ones to metallic desks that are more affordable. Purchase a desk, or two, that has enough room for books and a computer, plus space for when writing needs to be done.


Painting the walls of the room will bring warmth and character. Lighter colors will help the space appear bright and larger than it actually is. When putting color on the walls, you must be mindful of the room’s inhabitants and their preferences. If the room is for two young boys, blue or green walls will be suitable. For girls, yellow or pink will likely be preferable. The walls can be further decorated with decals of favorite cartoon characters, sports teams or nature scenes like trees or vines. You can also bring in wall paintings or posters.


Be sure to cover windows with curtains or another window cover option. For young children, window curtains that feature child-friendly objects, such as flowers, the alphabet, trains and sports equipment will work well. For a room with older occupants, a solid color curtain, or one with a modern or adult design will be suitable. Also keep in mind that the fabric of the curtain is equally important. Lighter fabrics will let in light, which can disturb those sleeping in the room. Heavier curtains will not only keep out early morning light, but some of them keep out cold air during the winter. Blinds are also a good window treatment option. So are plantation shutters. These, however, are not as temporary as curtains which can be changed to suit any future design changes that are made in the room.


The flooring choices in a room can help or hinder its design style. Be sure to consider a rug for the floor, as it will add more dimension and color to the room. For younger children, the rug can have bright colors and patterns on it, such as trains or animals. Place the rug in between the twin beds so both occupants have access to it.

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