Decorating Your Kitchen With a Coffee Theme

By Mark Cook , last updated September 6, 2011

Decorating your kitchen with a coffee theme is a fun and unique way to liven up the space. Coffee has become a symbol of energy and excitement, which is the perfect vibe needed for your kitchen! The popularity of coffee has grown tremendously in recent years and companies have begun producing many knick-knacks and kitchen appliances with coffee images on them. Since the kitchen is generally full of fun, little gadgets and gizmos, finding the perfect coffee décor to suit your tastes should be painless and easy.

Color Choice
The easiest way of immediately settling the theme of any room is to use the color that expresses what you’re trying to evoke. Fortunately with coffee you are granted such rich, deep brown colors that are warm and welcoming. One great way of using this color is by going with light brown countertops. Countertops are a great decorative surface because there is enough of it to set a tone without being overwhelming. Some light brown marble or wooden countertops will surely give off that coffee feeling as you prepare your dinners or are just hanging out in the kitchen.
The best way to set a coffee theme harmoniously throughout your kitchen is to find plenty of décor that contains images of coffee. You may be asking yourself, what kind of kitchen décor has coffee in it? However, the answer is much easier than you think! There are countless objects that have coffee incorporated into them such as salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, place settings, cooking gloves and more. It is also a great idea to get some wall decorations such as a clock or even wall art that has coffee in it. Remember this doesn’t just have to be an image of a cup of coffee, but could simply be coffee beans, mugs or even steam coming out of a cup. Another fine idea is to get a rag with coffee images on it and place it on your oven handle. If you take the time to search for some unique items you should definitely be able to come across coffee décor.
The Coffee Itself
What kitchen theme is complete without the subject of the theme itself! It is absolutely essential that you have a good coffee maker that makes delicious rich roasts. However, it also wouldn’t hurt to find a coffee maker that is visually stunning too. Many people go with a drip coffee maker, but something sleeker like a percolator may prove more appealing. You should also look for an old-fashioned stove-top espresso maker. These have a vintage appeal to them while they still make delicious coffee.
What is coffee without the mugs? You should have absolutely no problem finding mugs that have coffee themes incorporated on them. One great idea would be to get a collection of mugs and hang them on your wall. This way you can use the mugs for drinking or can keep them up on the wall permanently for decoration.
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