Decoration Ideas for a Home Wedding Reception

By Jean D , last updated August 16, 2011

Holding a home wedding reception could save you a lot of money, and these decoration ideas are just a few of the options available to you. By holding your reception at home, you can avoid the added cost of renting a hall. You'll have complete control over how the space looks, especially if you start early and have a developed plan in mind. And the informal feel of a home reception can allow you to spread your creative wings and truly express yourself in a fun and personal way.

Garden Party

If you're blessed with a big, beautiful yard, it's no wonder what you'd like to host your reception at home. You'll show off your gardening skills and allow your guests to kick up their heels in the fresh air. Consider planting flowers in your garden that match the colors of your wedding. Choose flowers that will be in bloom when your reception rolls around. You won't need to add extra color to the perimeter of your yard, as it will be sprinkled with the fruits of your hard work. Place a large canopy over the eating area, so your guests can be protected from the hot sun or the occasional sprinkle. Consider hanging inexpensive paper lanterns from the canopy to add a warm and soft glow. Wrap white strings of light around the hedges in the yard to throw some light around when the skies darken.

Fall Fiesta

If you're hosting a fall wedding, you can allow your guests to express their inner cowboy/cowgirl. Clean up your barn for this party, making sure the floors are clean and the air smells sweet. Allow your horses to stay in their stalls for the party, as long as you're sure they won't feel frightened or intimidated by the scene. Place bales of hay around the seating areas. Hang colorful strings of lights from the overhead beams. Blast your country music, and keep a large space open for dancing. Tell your guests to change into their best cowboy/cowgirl duds for the reception or face a hanging at dawn. This is truly a unique wedding reception idea that your guests won't forget.

Inside Chat

If your home is large and roomy enough to accommodate your guests, there's no ban on opening up the house for a wandering party. Buy plenty of fresh flowers to spread around the house. Place photographs of you and your partner about the room, making sure to include photos of the both of you when you were young children. Pull out old wedding dresses from relatives and display them in the room. Serve your cake in antique plates from your grandmother's collection. Light the home with discreet tea lights sprinkled about the house. This is an intimate party that's suitable for all weather conditions.

Sportsman's Delight

If you and your partner are active, competitive people, there's no reason why you shouldn't incorporate this into your reception. String a volleyball net across the yard and place several volleyballs near the poles. Put badminton rackets and birdies on the tables as centerpieces. Place colorful buckets of bocce balls in the yard. Encourage your guests to come in sporting clothes to your reception, and encourage your guests to start games when they arrive.

There are all sorts of creative ideas to make your home wedding reception truly memorable. Use some of these ideas or let them inspire a theme that fits your personality.

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