Different Pine Tree Varieties

By Jonathan Bales , last updated May 14, 2011

The diversity of pine trees is quite large, with over 30 different species in North America alone. All pine trees are evergreen, meaning they keep their foliage throughout the year. Pine trees grow extremely easily, surviving in a variety of soil types, climates and so on. Thus, they have a very large range of location. The further north you travel, however, the more prevalent pine trees tend to be. Some pine tree types are obviously more popular than others. Read below for information on a few of the better known pine tree varieties.

Himalayan Pine Tree

The Himalayan pine can grow up to 50 feet tall and 35 feet wide. The tree's young smooth, gray bark becomes darker and harder as it matures. The middle and top of the tree has few branches, while the bottom portion does not have any. The tree's blue-green needles grow in bundles of five up to four inches long. The deep-rooted Himalayan pine produces slender, thorn-less cones.

White Pine Tree

There are several species of white pine and they are all utilized as timber. The soft wood is perfect for woodworking. The Western white pine grows very slowly and requires moist soil, while the Eastern version of the tree grows very rapidly and can grow in various types of soil. The latter species is used frequently in landscaping and can grow up to 70 feet tall.

Ponderosa Pine Tree

The Ponderosa pine tree is also known as the rock pine, bull pine and yellow pine. The tree is native to British Columbia and is known for its massive size. Some Ponderosa pines have grown over 160 feet tall. One of the tree's unique characteristics is a crown of branches located at the top of a long, straight trunk. The Ponderosa pine’s root system is enormous to aid it in acquiring adequate nutrients and anchor it to the ground.

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