Different Types of Mums

By Heidi Green , last updated January 25, 2012

Chrysanthemums, or mums, are popular flowers that are usually seen in the spring and fall, as they grow well in cool weather. They're the official Mother's Day flower, and hit stores in late April and early May in decorative pots and bouquets for gift giving. Typically, pastel varieties in colors like yellow, lavender, pink and white are available in the earlier part of the year. In fall, they're used as a dazzling addition to harvest decor, and bold colored maroon, orange, yellow and red flowers can be seen paired with haystacks and scarecrows on front porches. There are several different types of mums to choose from, and they're all available in a wide range of colors.

Daisy Mums

Daisy mums are widely available, and they're typically used in decorative pots for patios. They can also be planted directly into your yard or garden. The small flowers, which look like daisies, feature a prominent, button-like center and a mass of small petals. Because the flowers are so dense, little of the plant's foliage can be seen if they're potted.

Spider Mums

Spider mums are elegant and exotic, and are commonly used as decorations for special events like weddings and reception. They feature long, skinny petals that explode outwards from the flower's concentrated center. Though they're usually white in color, they can be dyed to match the colors of any event.

Pompon Mums

Pompon and button mums look less like flowers and more like colorful cotton balls. They feature tight, compact blooms that are sphere-like in shape. Many varieties of pompon and button mums are hardy, making them wonderful flowers for decorating in colder outdoor climates.

Spoon Mums

Spoon mums are beautiful flowers whose petals sweep upwards, making the blooms look like spoons or bowls. Available in a wide range of colors, they're delicate and frilly in appearance, and make wonderful additions to bouquets and arrangements.

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