Dress Like Rihanna

By Shannon C , last updated September 5, 2011

Rihanna is a celebrity who knows she turns head wherever she goes, and far from letting it intimidate her, Rihanna lets this fact give her more confidence, especially when it comes to how she dresses. Even when her life takes an unexpected turn, Rihanna is never one to bow out of sight, but holds up her head proudly and lets her inimitable and classic style speak for itself of the fighter and survivor that she is. Rihanna is the real deal, and those who copy her style know this and want to get a little of what this style diva's got. Learn how to dress like Rihanna and feel that hit of pure diva confidence when you show up for your next special event or evening out with friends or that special someone.


Rihanna is a true accessorizer, making sure she matches a single or a few eye-catching accessories with each ensemble she creates. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind bag, a pair of unforgettable shades, an exotic and luxurious scarf, or a pair of deep bangle earrings, Rihanna knows how to accessorize for glam success. She is not afraid to mix and match colors, patterns, and styles for her unique approach to style. Purses, glasses, necklaces, belts, scarves, and more are all fair game for mixing and matching in Rihanna's borderless style world, and she literally creates new trends with her innovative and experimental mix and match approach to accessorizing.


Rihanna loves denim, and she is an equal opportunity denim diva queen. She loves white, pastel, blue, navy, and black denim with equal zeal, and will mix and match denim with other looks with ease. Lately Rihanna's been sporting distressed jeans, but she is equally at home in a pair of classy skinny jeans or an acid-washed denim jacket.


Rihanna might be fearless, but she is also feminine, and she enjoys letting these two qualities come out to play in her unique stylish wardrobe. Paired with a sexy pair of stiletto pumps or thigh high boots to kill, Rihanna's wardrobe includes the most delicate feminine looks, including strapless cocktail dresses, sheer mesh overlay with a hint of revealing sexiness and plunging necklines with modest hemlines, or just the reverse. Whatever you expect from Rihanna, you can expect her to do the opposite, keeping it fresh and keeping trend watchers on the edge of their seats.

Channel Rihanna's Look in Your Own Closet

Rihanna's signature style comes from a fearless approach to changing it up, being unafraid to divert from what people expect to explore new style trends. Is there a great new style you've been wanting to try but you don't think it's "you?" Imagine what Rihanna would say - it is you if you want it to be you, and if you wear it with confidence and style. So pull out that great scarf, those skyscraper stilettos, that pair of distressed skinny jeans, that great leopard print top with the plunging neckline, and pull it all together with a great pair of oversized shades as you rock Rihanna style for your next night on the town.

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