What Does the E63 Service Code Mean on an Electrolux Dryer?

By Jared Lewis , last updated March 13, 2012
The advances in appliance technology have led to the ability for technicians and home appliance owners to more precisely diagnose service issues. The Electrolux EIGD55H dryer will occasionally display an E63 service code indicating an error. The E63 error code is directly related to the wiring and the heater-to-earth grounding of the dryer.


The source of the E63 service code on the Electrolux dryer is a faulty heater-to-earth ground, according to the Electrolux Dryer Tech Data Sheet. What this indicates is that some fault within the dryer's circuitry or wiring is causing the dryer to not ground properly. The additional charge to the system that should be dispelled by the electrical connection between the dryer's heater and the ground is causing the dryer to experience some type of electrical overload.


Aside from the clear indication provided by the E63 error code, your Electrolux dryer will likely exhibit an indication that some type of overload has occurred. Mainly, the dryer will become too hot to continue to function properly. Instead, the dryer will stop working to prevent further system overload. The reasons for the overload usually stem from a bad heating element or faulty wiring, according to the Dryer Tech Data Sheet.


The solution for repairing the Electrolux dryer when the E63 error code occurs is to check the dryer's heater coils and all of its electrical circuits for an indication of short circuit to the dryer's cabinet. Chances are that the heater coils will have to be replaced if the dryer has experienced a full-blown short circuit. If the heater itself is still intact, it may be simply a matter of replacing the wiring. Once these tasks are completed, the dryer should be restarted to retest the circuits.

Other Considerations

If changing the wiring and the heater coils does not fix the problem with the dryer, other possible solutions exist. One problem that many dryer owners face, regardless of the make or model of the dryer, is a buildup of lint and debris in the dryer's vent hose. When this occurs, it can cause excessive heat buildup in the dryer that mimics the heat caused by an overloaded circuit. Clean out your lint trap and your vent hose to ensure optimal performance and avoid any future overheating.
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