Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Preteen Boys

By Shannon C , last updated December 21, 2011

So while your preteen boy may feel he is too old for the traditional Easter basket filled with childhood delights, there are still plenty of fun and easy Easter basket ideas for preteen boys. Preteen boys are just stepping out of childhood, testing their young mind with fun and games, arts and crafts, sports and video games, and other exciting new adventures. Try some of these easy Easter basket ideas on for size, and mix and match to get the perfect blend of items that will make your preteen boy's eyes light up on Easter morning.

Gaming It Easter Basket

Preteen boys that love the great outdoors are always off in search of new adventures. For summer sunny fun and fitness, deck them out for the summer to come with swimming goggles, jump ropes, fishing poles, pogo sticks, skateboards, baseballs, basketballs, rollerblades, a new bicycle, a remote controlled car, frisbee, hacky sack ball, yo-yo, playing cards, pick up sticks or jacks games, colored sidewalk chalk, or water basketball or volleyball set.

Sports Minded Easter Basket

Sports enthusiasts will delight in tickets to a major league sports game, chauffeured by Dad and accompanied by a fellow preteen sports minded buddy. For the preteen boy who participates in solo or group sports, new sports gear including knee pads, sticks or bats, a team uniform, or a shirt with the number of their favorite player will boost their confidence and help them to feel like a seasoned pro out on the field. Sports themed movies can also be a favorite addition for your sports minded preteen.

Technology Hound Easter Basket

Preteen boys who have discovered the wonders of technology are like sponges for the latest innovation. A Wii or Nintendo set, handheld game pad, music player, electronic reading device, personal computer or extended privileges on the family computer, video game discs, cell phone apps, and other technology wonders will keep your preteen boy entertained for hours while building his motor skills and muscle coordination, teaching him new tools, and encouraging him to play group video games with his friends.

Nature, Science and Biology Minded Easter Basket

For preteen boys with a biological or science minded bent, an Easter basket packed with new learning tools can just hit the spot. Books on bugs, the cosmos, the human body, ecology, animals, and other natural science topics can assuage a curious mind, while tickets to the local science museum or planetarium can bring the material to life. Summer fun classes at a local museum or arboretum can also give a hands on experience of the natural, wild, and wonderful world and whet your preteen's appetite for learning when fall rolls around again. Including a kit to grow seeds, capture and study bugs, head out for a fishing or camping trip with Dad, learn from a magic tricks how to book, or study the heavens with a home telescope can also add wonder and joy to Easter morning for your preteen boy. For a special touch, consider offering your preteen his first pet.

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