Easy Scholarships to Get for 2011

By Sam Feeder , last updated January 27, 2012

There are a variety of different easy scholarships to get for 2011, which can help people save a little more money or take out fewer loans when going to college. Easy scholarships entail big corporations who just want you to simply apply for a scholarship through them. There are also big scholarships that are offered by organizations and have not been claimed. For tax purposes, these organizations need to get rid of these scholarships. Knowing how to get these easy scholarships can be a major benefit for students entering college in 2011. Check out a few ways to get these listed below, as well as a few of these scholarships available out there.

Apply to as Many as Possible With Things You Have Already Done

There are a ton of scholarship opportunities out there that you should mass apply to by sending them a paper you wrote in school, a video of a performance you did, or a record you set as an athlete. Many of these scholarships are set up to offer anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars apiece, and many of them are either not given out or do not have any real specific requirements to be awarded beyond applying to them. Sometimes just sending a list of your accomplishments will catch the eye of someone running these small scholarship contests and encourage them to award you some scholarship money. While many of these places will not respond to you, a few will and may even give you some scholarship money.

Branded Scholarship Opportunities

Many different major corporations will award scholarship money based on contests they throw that advertises them or their products. These have a few more complexities and requirements to properly apply to them. This means that you will have to take a little bit more time to send in your application. However, as long as this is simple enough to do and does not take up too much of your time, you can apply for these larger scholarships offered by major companies. So for example, say a soft drink company is offering scholarship money for the best video with people drinking or using their product. If you are interested in making movies anyway, you can come up with a simple concept, shoot it, and enter it for a chance at winning the scholarship money. This will take a few hours of your time and will probably be pretty fun as well.

Look for Unusual Scholarships

Certain unusual scholarships are also offered to people who live in specific areas of the country or want to go into specific fields in college. So, conduct online searches for these, and see what you can come up with that applies specifically to you. Also, look for scholarship that most people probably would not think to apply for. For example, if you want to be a vet, look for specific veterinarian scholarships out there. Furthermore, you can apply to an unusual scholarship opportunity like the Zinch Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship, in which students are required to write three sentences max of no more than 280 words on a certain prompt. You will also have a good chance at winning these scholarships, because you probably will not have a lot of competition.

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