Equipment Essentials for an Internet Business

By Laura Townshend , last updated June 15, 2011

A successful internet business must have the right equipment in order to function and thrive. Because an internet business is electronically maintained, the proper hardware, software, and a good internet connection must be purchased. That said, an internet business is one of the easiest types of companies to begin, and startup costs are minimal if you already have the necessary equipment.


Choose either a laptop or desktop computer. You'll want a computer with a fast processor speed, plenty of memory, and at least a 15" screen. If you plan on being mobile while you work, a laptop is the best choice. Fortunately, the majority of computers manufactured today have fast processors and ample memory.

Internet Service Provider

The company providing your internet connection is the crux of your internet business. You'll want reliable and quick connection speeds for both uploads and downloads. Get the fastest ISP you can afford, whether it's cable, DSL, T1, or wireless.


You'll need a printer, fax and scanner in order to complete certain business transactions. Rather than purchasing three different pieces of equipment, you can combine a printer, scanner, and fax machine into one machine. These models often retail for less than $100, and perform well for basic administrative tasks. A separate laser printer and high-resolution scanner will cost more, and are sold separately.


If you have a laptop, working with a touch pad can be stressful. Be sure to purchase a good mouse. Whether it's wireless or connected to a USB port is a matter of preference. Many computers users find a mouse with a scroll wheel to be the easiest to use.

Work Area

Although your desk and chair aren't computer equipment, you need proper furniture. Purchase an ergonomic chair and a desk with plenty of space for your paperwork and computer. You'll also want some shelf space to organize files, books, supplies and personal items.


Most computers are equipped with up-to-date operating systems, and may offer a trial period for spreadsheet, word processing, database, and presentation software. Take advantage of the free trial periods and then purchase the software package. You can also download free software, like OpenOffice, that performs the same tasks. Be sure to purchase and keep strong antiviral and firewall software active on your computer, too.

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