Everything You Need to Know About International College Scholarships

By Mark Cook , last updated January 9, 2012

Many students look into scholarship opportunities to help pay for the astronomically high price of college tuition. Fortunately, there are a wide array of scholarships available, including those offered specifically for students who wish to study internationally, or international college scholarships. Studying abroad for part or even all of your college studies is a great idea because it opens you up to outside cultures, languages, and lifestyles that you may not otherwise get a chance to learn about or experience.

Applying for International College Scholarships Through Companies

With the world turning into a global marketplace, there is more of a need for employees who are well-rounded and experienced with different ways of live. Companies that wish to expand their products to markets overseas now look for potential employees who have had experience living and understanding outside cultures. For these reasons, several companies offer scholarships exclusively for those students wishing to study abroad. Some companies that offer great international scholarships are the Ford Motor Company and Dole Food Company.

Applying for International College Scholarships Through Governments

Governments also want to increase the amount of travel they have to their respective countries, as well as keep open relationships with foreign nations. For instance, the United States has a Fulbright program that awards partial or full tuition for both U.S. citizens traveling abroad, as well as foreign citizens studying in the U.S. For more information on federals scholarships, check with the official website of the country you live in or are planning to study in.

Applying Online

For information on how you can find out more about specific scholarships, as well as search through thousands of other international scholarship opportunities, check out Internationalscholarships.com. This is a great resource that is completely devoted to finding every available scholarship offer. There are also instructions for the ways in which you can apply. It has listings for both corporate and government-based scholarships, as well as many from private organizations and foundations.

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