Exercises to Improve Your Agility

By Shannon C , last updated December 27, 2011

Learning exercises to improve your level of agility can pay off in all sorts of ways, from fewer accidents to more confidence to better scores on annual physical fitness testing. Learning exercises to improve your agility can also improve your posture, breathing, strength, and flexibility, which will ease aches and pains and promote better sleep and a more peaceful outlook on life. Try these key exercises that can help you to improve your agility.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics first became popular in the 1980's, but have endured in later decades because of the multiple benefits this exercise discipline offers. Step aerobics incorporate multiple, simultaneous instructions that may focus on breathing, synchronized stepping as a group, and a number of quickly transitioning movements. This makes step aerobics ideal for building and improving your agility. Because of the enduring popularity of this cardiovascular and flexibility-focused workout, most gyms and many fitness centers offer step aerobics daily or weekly.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is free, easy to do right from home, and an excellent exercise to improve your agility. With jumping rope, you control the speed, the height, and the angle, and you can practice jumping forward, backward, sideways, or with others. You can also incorporate multi-rope combinations with a partner or two for advanced agility training. Jumping rope can be great fun when set to music and can challenge you to vary your workouts in speed as well.

Trail Running

Unlike running on a treadmill, trail running will build your agility with an unfamiliar and ever-changing terrain. With trail running, you will be called upon to hone your focus, concentration, reaction time, and agility to sidestep natural perils, adapt to changing terrain underfoot, and monitor your own fitness level as you jog. Whether you are running at a local reservoir, in nearby woods, or at a nature hiking site, you will be guaranteed to find unexpected challenges that will test your agility. Trail running is also a great way to spend some time in nature as an alternative to the more traditional gym workout.

Rope Ladder Climbing

Rope ladder climbing is an excellent way to improve your agility, whether you are using a single knotted rope ladder, a rope ladder with steel rungs, or a rope challenge course. With rope ladder climbing, you are navigating the changeable conditions of the swinging rope, the upward motion of your hands to propel you towards the top, your breathing, and your balance. You also have to coordinate the movement of your feet and legs to move from one run or knot to the next with limited vision. Rope ladder climbing is also great for poise and focus.


Yoga is an ancient art form that is as much about building agility as it is about promoting breath control, focus, poise, strength, and flexibility. When you practice yoga, you are guaranteed to encounter poses that you have never tried before, which will help you to develop your agility in new ways. There are many different branches of yoga, but all are great for improving your agility.

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