Fawn is one of several special fairies depicted in the Disney's 'Fairies' animated television series. She is actually the most recent addition to the tribe of fairies that have joined the most famous of all fairies, 'Tinkerbell,' in her world of fairy fun. Fawn's earthy tones of brown and orange indicate that she is very much in touch with the natural world, but she also has a playful earthy sense.

Fawn is a rascally tomboy by nature. She is also a rough and tumble kind of fairy who loves to play outdoor games. Her favourite food is acorn butter and she also loves tiger lilies. As is typical with fairies, Fawn is very mischievous in nature. More than anything, she loves to play practical jokes on others, especially another fairy called Iridessa whom she is actually very fond of but is the exact opposite of in terms of personality. Iridessa often consults with Tinkerbell who offers much guidance to Fawn. Sometimes, her mischievous side backfires on Fawn and she ends up getting herself into some fairly humorous situations. However, she always ends up learning more about herself and others through this process.

When she is not playing games like leap-frog or fairy tag or throwing a fit about having to do the wring-washing, Fawn has many redeeming qualities, including being able to speak many animal languages. The burp-like 'toad speak' is one of her favourites. She uses this gift to help the animals of the forest and teach children the value of being kind to animals.

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