Fifer Pig

Fifer Pig is one of three little pig brothers in Disney's 'Three Little Pigs', an award-winning animated short film that came out in 1933 based on the classic fairy tale by the same name. Fifer Pig is pictured as a stout little pig wearing a white sailor suit and hat. He prefers to live a carefree life alongside his pig brothers, Practical Pig and Fiddler Pig, in the big forest. In the movie, Fifer Pig and his brother Fiddler Pig are much more carefree and build their little houses out of straw and sticks, unlike their brother Practical Pig who takes longer to build a sturdier house out of bricks. You see, Fifer Pig just likes to have fun and doesn't want to spend time working as his other brothers do. In fact, he is the laziest of all the little pigs.

Later in the movie, when the 'Big Bad Wolf' comes to eat them up, trying to fool them by being dressed as a harmless sheep, Fifer Pig takes refuge with Fiddler Pig in his stick dwelling because his own straw house has been blown down. The two pigs taunt the wolf just for sport. Fifer Pig soon realizes this is a big mistake when his house eventually falls down and he and his brother have to scramble to safety all the way to their brother Practical Pig's brick house on the other side of the forest to avoid being eaten. Fifer Pig is the symbol for everyone who thinks play should come before work - it never works out for the best.

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