Finding Law School Grants

By William Berk , last updated August 30, 2011

Law school can be an expensive endeavor; with law school grants, however, the cost can be reduced by a great amount. One needs to only utilize a few resources in order to find grants to apply for.

Specific Schools

Law schools themselves can offer grants to students, as a form of financial aid, after students are accepted. In this way, it is vital that potential law students score high on the LSAT and earn high grades, as high test scores and grades can lead to larger grants. Check the website of the financial aid offices of the law schools you desire to apply to. Additional grants may be offered to specific student populations.

National Grants

There are a few national grants that may help your law school costs. One example is This site offers students a database that lists a plethora of grants, scholarships, and opportunities that they can apply for. If one signs up with an account on Fastweb, they can personalize their preferences and then receive a list of opportunities and grants to apply for by email.

Regional Grants

Depending on where you live, there may be local opportunities and grants to apply for. For instance, local clubs and organizations, as well as foundations and corporations may provide law school grant opportunities for students. It is well worth the time to do your research and find if there are any opportunities. A simple phone call or email, inquiring as to whether grants are offered, could yield great returns.

Grants to assist with one's law school education can be found through these avenues, and they can greatly assist with defraying the cost of law school.

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