Finding Vacation Rental Deals

By Meredith Berg , last updated October 1, 2011

Finding good vacation rental deals is easier than you may think. There are plenty of fantastic websites available to research great properties at unbeatable prices. By checking out the most trusted sites, and by using a few clever tricks, you can secure a great vacation rental deal.

The Classics

With so many websites out there for vacation rentals, it is hard to know where to start. Vacation Rentals by Owner, better known as VRBO, is one of the best. Since there is no listing fee for the property owners, this site attracts a wide range of properties. Even better, you can browse the rentals on this site by price, keeping your streamlined search to within your budget.

Some areas where tourists frequent often enough have dedicated rentals sites. For instance, if you are looking for cabin vacation rentals in Big Bear, California, there are several, including Big Bear Cool Cabins and Big Bear Vacations. Since this area is incredibly popular with visitors, there are a large amount of properties to choose from. This means the properties are in competition for your money, and so are the websites. As a result, you can find incredible deals to take advantage of, including third nights free, or fifteen percent off of last-minute reservations. Check the area you wish to visit for location-specific rental websites to find great deals.

The Tricks

One of the best ways, and the riskiest, to find a great vacation rental deal is to book last-minute. On Craigslist, many property owners will put up desperate deals for spontaneous travelers. Select vacation rentals for the area you wish to visit on Craigslist’s website and you will find the best deals are specifically for the upcoming weekend. This is especially true of holiday weekends, because most every property owner is highly motivated to make sure their property gets rented. If you are willing to risk leaving the rental to the eleventh hour, you will be able to find some incredible deals.

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