The Five Best San Diego Gardening Shops for Decorative Indoor Planters

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated January 9, 2012

With its mild climate, much of San Diego’s gardening takes place outdoors. However, sometimes even in this beauty area it’s nice to have decorative indoor plants. Many of San Diego’s greenhouses and home and garden stores offer decorative planters that make great gifts or decorations for your own home.

City Farmers Nursery has over an acre of plants and flowers, along with a large selection of gardening supplies for city gardeners. Included in the selection of gardening supplies, customers will find many pots and planters to be used indoors or on patio space for those who live in the city. You may choose to fill the planters with a selection of City Farmers Nursery’s indoor plants, a small bonsai tree, cactus or other plants that are native to California. In addition to its selection of decorative indoor planters, you will find multiple gardening books and magazines, many of which may provide insight on how to make plants thrive indoors and tips on how to provide maximum growth for the specific plants contained within your decorative planters.
Walter Andersen Nursery has served San Diego residents as an independent nursery since 1928. While the nursery specializes in outdoor plants and gardening supplies, it also offers a selection of decorative indoor planters and plants that perform well indoors for those who do not have the room to grow an outdoor garden. The experts at Walter Andersen Nursery will help you choose an indoor plant, along with the appropriate plants and supplies to grow a plant successfully within your own home.
Mission Hills Nursery, one of the oldest nurseries in the San Diego area, provides a variety of resources for your indoor gardening needs. As part of its gift section, Mission Hills Nursery sells a selection of decorative indoor planters and water keepers. For those without a yard, Mission Hills Nursery’s gardeners will help you design a container garden for your home and work on using decorative container to plant items such as a dwarf citrus plant, herbs and decorative houseplants.
Weidner’s seeks to provide gardening materials for the whole family. The “I Can Grow It” Children’s Corner offers simple gardening supplies and projects for children, including many decorative planters that are constructed on site and taken home so children can watch their flowers grow. You will also find a wide selection of decorative indoor planters for your home. Throughout the year, Weidner’s offers gardening classes to help individuals improve their indoor and outdoor gardening skills. A regular class involves how to use decorative containers to create a fairy garden that may be kept indoors or outdoors.
Armstrong Garden Center offers a wide variety of materials and supplies to meet all of your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. You will find decorative indoor planters that already contain plants such as orchids and houseplants that are designed to grow in all types of indoor settings, from those with little light to those that shine with natural sunlight. Around the holidays, the garden center offers a wide selection of poinsettias, some of which also come in decorative Christmas planters to spruce up your home for the holidays.
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