Flattering Hairstyles for 60-Year Old Women

By Elizabeth Farrell , last updated January 19, 2012

Long past are the days when women over sixty were placed in an area of no return, one of blue hair and frizzed-out styles. Now, this age group, which has gone through a complete 180, is leading the way for classic, elegant hairstyles. The best part is that lovely silver tones are desirable, not something to cover up. So save that hair dye money for a chic haircut instead!

General Rules

If you decide you do want to cover up that grey, opt for a shade slightly lighter than your original color. This will prevent any jarring contrast and allow for a little more time in between dying sessions. Lengthwise, just above the shoulder and shorter is most often the most flattering on women over sixty.

Ultra Short, Ultra Stylish

This look is by far the easiest to do right and also is great for anyone experiencing thinning hair. The only downside is that it does require frequent trims and touch-ups. This is not the cut for someone who hates the salon! That being said, this requires little to no effort between appointments. A little product and you are good to go!

Bombshell Bob

This classic, but current look is perfect for the over-sixty woman looking to keep her sex appeal. A simple blow out each morning is all you need, and this cut allows for a little more time in between haircuts. This is also the best cut to frame your face, and can be pretty versatile when it comes to adding bangs.

Curly and Natural

For someone with naturally curly hair, a short style will allow you to keep your natural texture with minimal upkeep, while achieving a great, fashion-forward look. Keep this length somewhere between under the chin and above the shoulders. The best way to do this is start short and then grow it out a little, allowing for the most time between appointments. Throw in a little anti-frizz cream and you are set for the day!

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