Flattering Ways to Wear Bright Makeup

By Trevor Onions , last updated January 12, 2012

Bright makeup colors are an impressive way to add real character to your routine, but many novices approaching brighter shades for the first time end up wearing them in ways that aren't flattering. It's easy to make mistakes with this type of makeup. Excessive shades across your face or the wrong application can easily demolish the look you were attempting to create. Luckily, incorporating brightness without looking absurd isn't terribly complicated, as long as you pay close attention to these proven guidelines.

Rules for Wearing Bright Makeup

Unlike darker shades, bright colors in the makeup aisle come with strict dos and don'ts. For instance, it's important to select only one element of your face for brighter shades. These colors rarely look good in experienced hands when they are all over the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The fact is that trying to brighten up more than one element at a time almost always looks shoddy, and sometimes clownish. So, decide before choosing your colors whether you want to enhance your eyes, lips, or cheeks, and stick to your chosen part.

Although bright hues are becoming increasingly acceptable, they still aren't appropriate for many occasions. Tread carefully where you choose to go when you're wearing neon or glittery makeup, or else you could end up in an embarrassing situation. The ideal places to wear these types of shades are with friends, when you're out with a significant other, or heading to an event like a concert, where lively colors are appreciated. Showing up painted brightly at family functions, professional outings, or around traditional folks is rarely wise.

If you're a newcomer to bright makeup, try experimenting with many different kinds of color tones. You should go to your favorite retailer armed with enough cash to select three or more different shades, possibly for different parts of the body. You never know if you'll prefer glittery makeup or attention catching neon shades until you actually see them in action.

Effective Ways to Apply Bright Hues

Once you've selected shades you want to test out, there are several ways to ease into a brighter look. First, start sprucing up your normal colors with just a dab of brightness. A thin layer of hot pink on your lips should be dulled at first by applying a darker shade. Similarly, dabbing neon or glittery eyeliner onto the edges of an old favorite works too. The idea is to slowly acclimate yourself to how the brightness performs on your face, and to learn by observation how much you need to apply to achieve the look you're after.

Don't overdue extra augmentations once you've adjusted to the desired brightness. Too much lip gloss on shimmering lips may end up blinding. If you apply eye shadow with neon eyeliner, then it's possible to generate a surreal clash that won't be appreciated outside a few select fashion niches. Choose very basic gloss, eyeliner, and powders with simple ingredients and modest pigmentation, or none at all.

Wearing bright makeup in a way that complements, rather than mocks, is easy with practice. As long as you give your new routine time, you'll start to get the hang of applying brighter colors, and adjusting to the hues you're seeking becomes second nature.

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