Fun Ideas for a Surprise Engagement Party

By Katherine O'Brien , last updated March 19, 2011

A surprise engagement is always fun for the couple and their loved ones, and it's definitely cause for a celebration. To brainstorm fun ideas for a surprise engagement party, the first thing to consider is the taste and style of the couple. This will help you determine the appropriate guest list, as well as best venue for the party.

Surprise the Couple with the Guest List

One fun idea for a surprise engagement party is to surprise the couple with the guest list. However, surprising the couple with the guest list can be tricky. Although an engagement is an exciting time for everyone, some couples may prefer to celebrate quietly and privately to enjoy what may turn out to be a unique opportunity to celebrate their marriage with those that are closest to them. Other couples might be more interested in celebrating their engagement with everyone they know. Whatever you do, be sure that you only invite guests whom you are absolutely sure will be invited to the wedding. Or better yet, find a subtle way to get the couple to give you a guest list themselves. An especially fun surprise could involve inviting a close friend or relative to come in from out of town unexpectedly for the party.

Surprise the Couple with the Venue

Once you know who to invite, you can select an appropriate venue for the engagement party. To plan a fun surprise at a venue the couple will love, consider the couple's favorite places to party. A surprise engagement party at a favorite restaurant, bar, museum, sporting event, park, beach or at the home of a loved one could all be unforgettable and special. Another fun surprise could be a getaway for just the couple, or for the couple and a few close friends or relatives.

Ultimately, the most fun ideas for a surprise engagement party are those that you know, without a doubt, that the couple will love!

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