Fun Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

By Heather Carreiro , last updated June 8, 2011

If you're planning a fun wedding or want to incorporate your wedding theme into your cake, you can order a fun wedding cake topper to give your cake some personality. When muling over cake topper ideas, think about your overall wedding style, the color scheme you plan to utilize for your cake, and the interests of both the bride and the groom. Wedding cake toppers often come as a single piece, but some cake toppers allow you to mix and match pieces to represent the bride and groom.

Cartoon Characters and Costumes

Instead of going with a traditional bride dressed in white and tuxedoed groom, pick a cake topper with your favorite cartoon couple such as Bam Bam and Pebbles, George and Judy Jetson, Popeye and Olive Oyl or the Simpsons. Wedding cake topper couples can also be dressed in various costumes as pirates, king and queen, or fantasy characters.

Bride in Charge

Several popular wedding cake toppers offer images of the bride in charge. She may be dragging the groom off to the wedding hall, wearing the groom's pants while he is left in his skivvies, snagging the groom with a lasso or keeping the groom from running off. Alternately, you can pick a cake topper that shows the bride about to run away or the groom catching the bride with a fish hook.


Mix-and-match cake toppers are a fun way to show the bride and groom enjoying different hobbies. For a soccer fanatic groom, choose a cake topper with the groom in a tuxedo top, soccer shorts and cleats. Couple cake toppers depicting a groom running with the bride and a football or the groom tackling the bride are another option for sports fans. For the bride and groom who are overly reliant on technology, choose a cake topper showing both bride and groom on their cell phones or laptops.

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