Good Background Check Services for Small Businesses

By Sam Feeder , last updated July 3, 2011

Background check services for small businesses are an important resource. They allow employers to do their due diligence so that they know the person they are hiring and trusting to do a job for them doesn't have a criminal history. As small businesses generally don't have a lot of money, especially when they are getting started, one person stealing from them or doing something on a job that causes civil or criminal liability can be a serious problem. So before a small business hires an employee or does a lot of business with an independent contractor, they should invest a little extra time and money to do the necessary background check to make sure it is safe to move forward. If you find that you're in the need of someone who can perform a background check, consider the following services.


A Washington-based corporation, Intelius does background checks for a starting rate of about $50 per person. This company offers background checks on both individuals or businesses, so this works for just about any small business need. Due to the fact that it is one of the more expensive background check services available, Intelius works hard to maintain its reputation for being one of the best background check companies in their industry.

US Search

U.S. Search does background checks on people and helps to locate where people have been based on driving records and public information with their names in it. These searches can be initiated through their company website once you have paid the forty dollar fee; they promise to mail the results directly to you within 24 hours. This company is usually used by businesses who are looking to hire a new employee and want to know about his or her history.

First Advantage

One of the largest background check agencies after their merger with Brooke Screening (which does pre-employment background checks in Japan and Asia), First Advantage offers a myriad of services. On top of background checks, First Advantage also offers drugs tests and "innovative technology solutions that help streamline the hiring process." While they may be more expensive then some of these other companies, which can be used on a per-individual basis, they will undoubtedly do one of the most thorough investigations into every person you are considering hiring.


One of the most basic background check systems out there, this service can be used online for a fee of anywhere from $10 to $15 and finds out the basic background information on an individual for any small business or corporation. Even the smallest of businesses will be able to afford their low rates; however, this service may not be able to provide you with the whole back story, so keep that in mind.

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