Great Birthday Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

By Nan Werther , last updated October 26, 2011

Deciding what to get the woman who has everything can be a frustrating experience, especially the more birthdays that go by. While many people tend to think that material objects are the best present, there are many kinds of gifts that can't be bought that might be far more valuable to the birthday girl. When it comes to giving a truly memorable, thoughtful gift, the first thing to do is consider what the person can't do for themselves that might be of value. Check out these great gift ideas to help you along.

Day at the Spa

Most women tend to take care of everyone else in their lives and put pampering at the very bottom of the list. Women who already have everything are usually busy, driven ladies with fast-paced lives. Taking some time off, even for an hour, can be a great way to demonstrate you care. Whether it's just a gift certificate for a facial, a full-body massage, or an entire day of relaxing treatments she's sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Dinner on You, Three Ways

This is a great idea for the crafty, creative, or tight-on-cash gift givers. Take your favorite lady out for a night of delicious dinner on you, and have her pick the time and place. If you want to personalize the gift even more, cook her favorite meal and do-clean up as well. Make sure to bring a bottle of wine that complements the food choices, and keep dessert in mind for a full experience. If she has children or a hectic schedule, offer to cook her several meals and deliver one each week for her birthday month. She's never felt so appreciated.

Personalized Stationary

Every woman feels like a queen when writing on her own personalized stationary. Ask about her favorite colors, and make sure the font fits her personality. If she's down to earth, use a regal serif font. If she's an elegant lady, try a script for a timeless look. Make sure to choose thick, heavy paper with a satiny finish for a truly luxurious letter writing experience.

Experience Adventure

Regardless of what someone already owns, you can always give the gift of another adventure. There are many types of experiences to give the lady in your life. Whether she's an extreme thrill seeker or a laid-back lady, there's a gift for her. Ideas include scuba diving lessons, a wine tasting and homemade picnic at a local winery, aerial fabric lessons, scenic glider tours, private art lessons, gourmet dinner cruises, or give her the gift of learning how to glass blow.

Something Homemade

Most people undervalue the impact of a thoughtful gesture from the heart. Making someone a gift with your own hands, however simple, can mean a lot. Make sure you consider their personal tastes. Don't knit mittens in their least favorite color or bake them cookies if they're gluten-free. Look around at what they enjoy in their everyday and see if you can expand that enjoyment with a homemade gift.

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