Great Gifts for the 20-Something Girl

By Renee Gerber , last updated November 9, 2011

Everyone knows a special 20-something girl, whether she is a sweetheart, sister, niece, or best friend. Knowing just what type of gift to get for this wonderful young woman is essential when her birthday is just around the corner. Obviously, when you are gift shopping, you want to find that perfect item for the individual. Chances are, you will know the 20-something girl quite well and therefore know what she likes. You can also opt to buy her a more general gift that is appropriate for every 20-something woman. Read on for help finding the best gift for this special individual in your life.

Spa in a Box

What girl doesn't want to be pampered by a wonderful spa treatment? You can buy her a great spa-in-a-box package so that she can pamper herself right in the privacy of her own home in the form of a gift set by Caudalie Paris, which costs $130 at Sephora. The package consists of luxury body care beauty products, such as polishes, creams, buffs, and other great items. All of these will leave any woman feeling as though she has just experienced a wonderful day away at her favorite spa. Give that special 20-something girl this spa in a box so that she can give herself a facial, manicure, and pedicure that will leave her feeling fresh and beautiful! The best thing about this gift is that the products within are made with all-natural substances and contain no harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates.


Of course, jewelry is always a great gift for a woman, no matter what her age. For a 20-something, a really excellent idea is to get her a ring, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet that features her particular birthstone. Birthstone jewelry is always beautiful and personal. If she is big on wearing earrings, you can get her a pair in sterling silver or 14-karat gold that features her birthstone. If she loves wearing necklaces or has a favorite chain, you can buy her a pendant of her birthstone, and so on. Generally, you are more likely to find the stone in a zirconia version, which is less expensive, yet still beautiful, and contains the sparkle that a gemstone should.

A Great Book

Many young women enjoy reading books. A great publication just for a 20-something girl is 20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction, written by Christine Hassler. This is a self-help type book that can offer some wonderful insight for young women as to how they can conduct a healthy and successful life while looking toward the future. You can buy it at your favorite book store or online at Amazon for just over $10.

Personalized or Etched Mirror

If the 20-something woman in your life has a love for makeup, but you don't feel up to effectively picking out the right cosmetics for her, you can get her a great mirror. What's great about this particular mirror, however, is that it is compact-sized, so you can have personalized with her name or a lovely design etched on its lid. You can buy one of these great gifts online at Red Envelope for $30.

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