Great Gifts for the 20-Something Guy

By Ashley Berg , last updated November 2, 2011

Choosing great gifts for a 20-something guy is only as difficult as you want it to be. There are many popular options that can please anyone, or you can go the more personal route of considering your special 20-something’s individual traits and selecting a present that speaks to him. Here are some great suggestions based on personality type to get you started.

Before you get your credit card out, remember that life in a guy's twenties is all about transition and acclimation. He is leaving college, navigating the wider world, developing a permanent personality, falling in love, and starting his career. With all the mistakes, missteps, broken hearts, and rejection a guy faces when starting out, holidays and birthdays are essentially the only times when he gets to really revel in and enjoy being himself. So help support your local wide-eyed young adult with some awesome gifts that will wipe away that glazed look in his eyes and get him to smile again. When life is all about the balance between high and low, birthday presents go a long way in finding that much needed equilibrium!

For the Ladder Climber

For the overly motivated and ambitious 20-something guy who is focused solely on career, climbing the professional ladder, and his bottom line, your best bet is to search for a gift that will help him attain his many goals. This includes retiring by 30, which is a common, if ludicrous, expectation. Invest some money into stocks that have a profitable outlook and help him get started on creating a balanced portfolio that will lead to success and wealth, though it may take longer than ten years.

For the Graduate School Student

Whether he chose to continue his education because he believes in his career choice, because his parents are still paying, or because he is terrified of the real world, this 20-something guy pursuing higher education is an honorable person. In these tough economic times, staying in school ensures a better chance of getting a job when you graduate, and it is a great way to hide from the petrifying realities of adulthood and its ensuing responsibilities. Protect and comfort your scholar with fascinating reading material. A Kindle stocked with classics and comic books satisfies the emerging adult and the stubborn child within!

For the Ne’er Do Well

Some guys never really do get their life together. Perhaps they had a tough time in high school, could not get into college, and made a few too many bad decisions in their lives. That does not mean they should not receive presents that are geared towards their interests. Gifts that attempt to increase motivation, encourage ambition, or self-help books for anything come off as condescending. Be the beacon of hope with a gift that never once references his failure to reach his honestly mediocre potential. Offer a smidgen of your approval by getting your beloved slacker the latest video game.

For the Artistic 9-5er

What he really wants to do is play in a band, design video games, or be on television, but he has bills to pay so he works to make ends meet while moonlighting as a comedian, modern artist, or chef. Support his real dream by attending his concerts, eating his food, and watching his stand-up routine. Remember to laugh!

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