Great Scholarships for Medical School Students

By Joseph King , last updated October 2, 2011

A good education is the most vital tool for anyone looking to improve their situation in life; unfortunately, a good education is extremely expensive and perhaps the most expensive education money can buy is one at a medical school. Medical school is intense and long, which explains why it costs so much. Most people who go through medical school end up carrying a large amount of debt with them for a long time after graduation because of the high cost. Thankfully, assistance and relief exists in the form of scholarships. There is a great deal of scholarships available to medical school students who are in need of financial aid to get through school. Here are some of the best scholarships available to medical school students:

Armed Forces Medical Scholarship

Any of the branches of the United States Armed Forces offer scholarships for those students seeking to go to medical school. The armed forces are an excellent option for those with substantial financial aid needs. Whichever branch you choose will most likely foot the entire bill for your education in exchange for a few years of service. You will receive a first class education and training for either nothing or next to nothing. This is a very popular and smart choice because it will generally be less competitive or selective as scholarships offered by other organizations or foundations.

Medical Association Scholarships

Medical associations, organizations, or foundations are a great place to look if you are unable to obtain financial aid from the college of your choice and would rather not resort to serving in the armed forces. Be sure to apply early and often; these scholarships are highly sought after so they are extremely competitive and very selective. You may have to apply for hundreds before being awarded any money. Reach out to organizations in your community as they are more likely to help someone from the area in which they are located.

Other Options

You can also earn general education scholarships that are offered specifically for medical school. Many organizations and companies offer general education scholarships for those in need regardless of what they are studying. As long as you meet the application requirements you will be eligible to receive financial aid and or scholarships. You can also consider asking your employer (if you are currently employed) is they offer any type of financial assistance for employees seeking to continue their education. They may pay for some or all of your bills which will be a huge help.

These are just some of the great scholarship options available to medical school students but there are many more out there. Be sure to apply for as many as you can find to maximize your chances of receiving the financial aid you need and deserve. Research online and in your community to find donors and organizations that fund these scholarships for medical students. They are a great resource and can help make your education more valuable as well as affordable.

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