Great Sports Nutrition Books

By Erik Neilson , last updated November 13, 2011

For those who are interested in sports nutrition, there are a lot of great books on the market that can be very helpful and informative. After all, with all the debate over the correct way to approach sports nutrition, people can use all the information they can get on the topic. The following are three great sports nutrition books, all of which are easy to find at both physical and online bookstores.

Athletes Palate Cookbook by Yishane Lee

Yishane Lee’s Athletes Palate Cookbook is ideal for anyone who wants to apply sports nutrition to his or her everyday cooking habits. As proper nutrition can be difficult to implement into a routine, cookbooks such as this are more helpful than many people realize. With 125 recipes from star chefs and industry professionals, this book can do a great deal of good for anyone who is trying to change their cooking and eating habits.

Clinical Sports Nutrition by Louise Burke and Vicki Deakin

For those who are looking for a book that incorporates a great deal of technical detail about the subject of sports nutrition, Clinical Sports Nutrition by Louise Burke and Vicki Deakin is an excellent starting point. The information in this book is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow manner, and it is considered by industry professionals to be state of the art. In addition, Clinical Sports Nutrition is rife with tips about how to apply sports nutrition basics to your everyday lifestyle.

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guide by Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guide is a great resource for those who want an easy-to-follow reference book about sports nutrition. Clark’s conversational writing style makes this book a joy to read, even for those who don’t know much about sports nutrition. Perfect for the beginner, advanced nutrition buffs will also find a great deal to like in Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guide.

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