Growing a Eugenia Plant

By Renee Gerber , last updated June 1, 2011

The Eugenia plant, which is also known as brush cherries, is an evergreen that is most often grown in pots indoors but can also be planted in the garden. It is an ideal plant to grow in areas with warmer weather, such as Florida, California and Hawaii. Great for using in outdoor landscaping, the Eugenia plant is a wonderful addition to any home. If you are considering growing your own, you should learn how to properly care for it.

When you decide to plant your Eugenia make sure to select a location that receives a good mixture of full sunlight and partial shade. If you want to grow the plant in your house, a room with a good full spectrum light will suffice. However, Eugenia's can nonetheless tolerate a low amount of light indoors. They should be grown outdoors in temperatures that don't reach below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. They tend to do best when grown in hardiness zones 10B and 11 when planted outdoors.

Eugenia plants generally will not do well with too little water and times of drought. Watering should be done on a regular basis, and make sure to administer a good amount during the summer. You can water the plant less in the winter. You should also take the time to mist the plant with distilled or rain water in a bottle, as Eugenia plants prefer humid conditions. If you are growing it indoors, make sure to keep it in a room that receives a good amount of humidity. If you have no such room, you should invest in a humidifier, as this will achieve the exact conditions the plant so richly craves.

Another thing to keep in mind is the soil on which a Eugenia plant grows. Soils should be at least somewhat acidic, and you should give it plant food every two weeks during times of heavy growth. During the winter, feed your Eugenia plant four to five times.

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