Growing Pond Cypress Trees

By Danny Wong , last updated April 26, 2011

Pond cypress trees are wonderful trees that grow most during the spring and summer climates. Growing pond cypress trees is not like growing other trees, which require good fertile soil and occasional water to substitute rain water. These trees are unique in the general category of trees because they love wet and swampy environments. In growing pond cypress trees, you should keep a few important things in mind, especially since they have a long life span that won't be hard to maintain if you know these things.

How to Propagate

To start off growing a pond cypress tree, you can propagate it from seeds, in containers with soil, and through seedlings in outdoor soil. But like most plants, you have to take really special care of them in their early stages of growth to ensure high chance of success to maturation. Once matured, pond cypress trees need less maintenance and are more tolerant to unfavorable conditions. If planting from seeds, make sure the seeds remain cool and moist because if they get too cold or too hot and if they dry out, the seeds will be ruined.

Growing Conditions

Pond cypress trees are fed through nutrients in slow moving or still water and like to grow with some shade so they don't receive a ton of direct sunlight, in places where the soil is a bit acidic, and where they have plenty of room to grow since fully matured pond cypress trees get up to 100 feet tall. These trees also need a lot of water and need to be in a place that receives a good amount of rainfall each year.

Growth Rates

Pond cypress plants don't grow too quickly, but since they have a very long life span, it is sure that if you maintain them, they will grow to an incredibly large size in due time. Since they can grow to be very tall, the area where you are growing them should remain somewhat shaded even as the tree grows upward, and the plant should have a few feet of personal space around it to grow outward.

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