Growing a Silver Torch Cactus

By Lora Keleher , last updated July 27, 2011

Growing a Silver Torch Cactus does not require extensive effort, but they do need proper care. These cacti grow wild in South American regions, but can survive in most warm climates. Silver Torch Cacti are named for beautiful silvery spines that decorate their stems, and often mask their green color. The silver color makes them a stunning addition to any plant collection. They also bear bright peach or fuchsia-colored blossoms in the spring or summer, and colorful berries in the autumn.

Silver Torch Cactus can live inside as houseplants or greenhouse plants. They can also survive outside, if you live in an area with warm climates, like Central Arizona. Cacti need plenty of sunlight exposure to grow properly, and they do best in windowsills or areas that receive at least two to four hours of sunlight each day. Although these cacti are able to survive at temperatures as low as minus ten degrees Celsius, which is below freezing, they can become permanently damaged from this type of exposure. If you live in a location with extremely cold or hot temperatures, your cactus will fare much better living indoors.

Plant your cactus in a pot that is slightly larger than the roots, and cover them with potting soil. If you plant outside, your Silver Torch Cacti must be given plenty of room for its roots to grow and expand. Silver Torch Cacti grow about four inches per year, and can reach heights of ten feet. Because of their rapid growth, these plants typically need to be repotted every other year, or anytime they outgrow their pots. Unlike many species of cacti, Silver Torch must be heavily watered throughout most of the year. An exception is the winter months, because these cacti are susceptible to dry rot, if they are watered during this time of year. You can also provide potassium rich fertilizer to help your cactus grow.

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