Growing Trailing Pansies

By Holly Schoch , last updated May 12, 2011

With the right tools and intsructions, growing trailing pansies can be a gardener's delight! Trailing pansies are a gorgeous annual addition to any home. They can be planted in any location, though they are absolutely stunning when grown in a hanging basket. They can be purchased in an array of different colors, which only increases its aesthetic appeal.

They are relatively simple to grow and don't require much attention after they are planted. Most gardeners purchase from a nursery, which takes a few steps away from the planting process. If you plan on starting from seeds, simply sow the seeds indoors two to three weeks before all danger of frost has passed. Keep in a location where the seeds will receive sunlight and where the temperatures are consistently 65 to 75 degrees. Once the seedlings start to sprout, transplant them outside, but make sure you don't plant them outside too early. If a late frost hits, you could lose the seedlings. These plants cannot withstand extreme temperatures, which is why they grow in the more moderate hardiness zones, ranging from 5 to 7.5.

Trailing pansies should be planted in loam or silt soil that provides adequate drainage. These flowers will die if they are consistently soaking wet. Although they require sun in order to produce flowers, they perform best when placed in a location that receives sun for part of the day and shade for the rest. Any combination will work; morning sun and evening shade or vice versa.

These plants don't require much additional attention, as their water needs are very low. Simply water when the soil becomes slightly dry to the touch, but never allow it to completely dry out. They don't require fertilization, though you can amend the soil prior to planting and apply another dose of a balanced fertilizer half-way through the season. Deadhead spent flowers, as this will help to keep the plant looking healthy and stop it from waisting energy pumping much needed food and energy to dead flowers.

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