A Guide to Everyday Dining Room Table Decor

By Laura Townshend , last updated August 29, 2011

Everyday use of your dining room table decor can be as exciting and fun as you want. Because the dining table is where your family gathers to share meals, everyday dining decor should be inviting, peaceful, and inspiring. Most importantly, consider the needs of the people you'll be serving. What are their ages? Are they able to use flatware and glassware? Younger children should be exempted from using adult, or regular, table accessories. Keep your table set at all times and you will always have a lovely dining room to enjoy.

Flatware, Dinnerware & Glassware

Flatware comes in many designs even for casual pieces. No matter the design you choose, make sure your style fits with the rest of your dining decor. For everyday dining room tables, you'll want to keep a set of at least four places. Each place setting should include a knife, fork and spoon. If you serve a soup, salad, or dessert, set out the proper flatware piece to correspond with the dish. There are many dinnerware types to choose from. You can choose pieces in solid, yet bold, colors to brighten up your table. For everyday use, make sure the materials are sturdy. Glassware for everyday dining tables should include simple juice glasses and tall tea glasses.

Table Cloths, Place Mats & Napkins

You can spice up your dining room by adding color, shape, and texture with tablecloths, place mats, and napkins. A variety of complimentary colors will accent other features in the dining room and compliment your walls, furniture and flooring. Table linens should be easy to clean; make sure they are machine washable.


Centerpieces are the focal point of your dining table and should draw your eyes to the table. Choose pieces that complement the size of your dining room table. For everyday use, decorate using seasonal items. In the spring, for example, you can pick field flower bouquets. Fall items can include a pumpkin and colorful leaves. Your children can make decorations, too, from simple craft projects.

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