Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2012

By Trevor Onions , last updated January 23, 2012

The new year has arrived, and now is the perfect time to welcome in refreshing styles by embracing the hottest trends in hair color for 2012. While hair color preferences are always influenced by celebrities and seasons, 2012 promises dramatic improvements over the styles of prior years. Perhaps it has something to do with the year's exciting potential for a mending economy and the gradual return of exuberant fashion. Look to these styles if you want to stay ahead of the curve in modern hair coloring.

Layered Hair Color

Although it officially picked up steam in 2011, the tendency to achieve a mosaic of warm tones continues in 2012, and may become more popular than ever. This ombre style generates a pronounced layered look by selecting several closely related colors and applying them to the roots and tips of the hair. For instance, going with the full spectrum of one or two colors is a popular way to make your hair shimmer with liveliness. Deep purples that gradually grow into light pinks are a fine way to achieve a look that's right at home in the scene niche.

Warm, traditional colors are a more conservative choice. Much like ombre style layering, multiple colors are preferred, but they should be closely related and darker in tone. Deep autumnal colors like red, brown, and hazel blonde are wise selections. The darkest hues are in high demand during the winter and fall, while many people prefer to lighten their chosen shade during the spring and summer.

To achieve the maximum effectiveness, you'll probably need to visit a professional hair stylist. Mixing these dark hues in the proper ratios is best left to the experts. While you can do simple highlights and colorings yourself, it's hard to capture a tasteful ombre look, without leaning on experience.

Embracing Color Extremes

While the move toward darker tones and layering suggests a quieter movement in hair coloring, other recent trends promote the opposite force. For looks that don't involve layering, bold is back, and in a big way. Bright, rich, and extreme hues are the preferred choice in many fashion niches of 2012. Think neon pink, bleached white, or night club blue. If you plan on changing your entire hair color, then screaming your choice to the rest of the world is the way to go this year.

2012 may also be remembered as the year when the unorthodox became normal. The most startling development is the growing popularity of grey and white hair. While these shades were previously shunned because of their connotations with old age, they are now in. Many folks are intentionally adding these colorless highlights to their hair, or bleaching their entire head and dying it grey or white. Yesterday's horror is today's hero, in a strange twist of fate. Cultivating this look is just beginning to heat up, so if you want to shock and impress, jump on it now as an early adopter.

2012 is shaping up to be a fascinating year in the field of hair coloring. The march toward expressing your identity with few restrictions continues with these styles, and best of all, injecting your own originality into any of them is encouraged.

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