How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

By Kate Lesko , last updated January 12, 2012

If you have a leopard print dress in your closet, you may be wondering how best to accessorize it. The popular leopard print has ferociously entered the fashion industry and claimed its rightful place in the closets of many women and girls. With this animal print embellishing merchandise from headbands to handbags and dresses, trendsetters have come up with unique styles of accessorizing this attention grabbing pattern. Unlike dresses that come in solid colors or with floral patterns, accessorizing a leopard print dress ought to be kept simple and complimentary. The frisky leopard rosettes, or spots, make the dress stand out, so do not overcompensate with accessories as you would when wearing a little black dress.

Showcase the Black

Most leopard prints contain a fair amount of the color black. Since this animal pattern works best with simple accents, black accessories are most commonly incorporated into leopard based outfits. As this dark color is known to match nearly everything, it does not fail to prove its versatility when it comes to complementing the fierce leopard pattern. To showcase the black spots on your leopard dress, opt for black elements such as shoes, clutches, and jewelry. Depending on the make and design of your dress, black leather accents can help you achieve a daring look. If you want to add some variety to your black accessories, try mixing in gold or tan accents into your jewelry. Gold earrings or bangles are a good way of perking up the remaining black pieces.

Add Red Details

To create a sultry, yet polished look with your leopard print dress, add red details. From a form-flattering belt to patent leather heels, a single red accessory will attract attention to your outfit. If you are not sold on the idea of large red accessories, try smaller pieces like a chunky red bracelet or evening clutch. For a feminine and elegant look, pair your leopard print dress with a string of pearls or a pearl bracelet. Keep your hair in a low bun or curl and sweep it into a side ponytail. Finally, when matching the leopard pattern with red, do not underestimate the power of red lipstick. Accenting your lips with crimson can help you achieve a flirtatious or seductive effect.

Keep It Simple

Are you looking to accessorize your leopard print dress to suit the work environment or a serious occasion? Forego the black and red items, and focus on the tan and brown elements. To highlight the natural colors of the dress, match it with tan or light brown shoes, like brown suede bootie heels or cream pumps. Keeping your outfit modest allows you to accessorize more than you would with attention-grabbing pieces. Pair a brown leather belt or satchel with your dress, along with gold jewelry, such as clunky bracelets or earrings. Throw on a tan blazer or knee-length trench coat for a sophisticated look.

Whether you choose to spice up your outfit with bold red accessories or tone it down with earthy pieces, remember that a leopard dress demands attention on its own. Wear few simple accessories for extra emphasis.

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