How to Accessorize with Men's Vintage Ties

By Nicole Davis , last updated December 11, 2011

There are really so many great ways to accessorize with a good vintage men’s tie. No matter what kind of style idea you’re trying to go for--casual, professional, or anywhere in between--you can find a great look to pull your entire wardrobe together easily and affordably with just a little fashion advice.

One great way to complete your simple everyday outfit with ease is to include a vintage tie when you're layering it up. Do you like sweaters or cardigans? Wearing an old school tie over you’re your favorite faded cardigan with a solid or striped tee shirt is the perfect way to play up a hipster look and keep your general vibe casual chic. A top-quality tie can take a typical and boring every day ensemble to another level by offering some added class to your fashions.

Another fantastic way to accessorize with a vintage men’s tie is to go for the classic professional look. If you like to go into the office feeling saavy in a great solid sport coat or tweed blazer, add a tie. You can easily rock the old school businessman trend both in and out of the office with something as simple as this. Be sure to color coordinate your ties with your coats; keep in mind that light colored ties go best with darker, neutral hues.

A great vintage tie can even make your everyday briefcase look better. It may sound a little farfetched, but if you decide to spend good money on a classic tie to match your colored leather or cloth workbag, you can pull an entirely unique style into crisp focus. Adding a vintage tie to match your favorite carry-on accesories or quality pair of loafers is a classy and subtle way to make an outfit your own and impress both co-workers and friends.

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