How to Accessorize with Small Diamond Earrings

By Shannon C , last updated December 18, 2011

Learning how to accessorize your wardrobe with small diamond earrings is both an art and a fun project you can take on this season. Not only are diamonds truly a girl's best jewelry friend, but diamonds are timeless and elegant in any setting, and can enhance your confidence and presentation without you even realizing the effect they have on you. For this reason and many more it can be helpful to learn some basic tips for how to accessorize with small diamond earrings and learn some new ideas you can try out with your wardrobe in the coming months.

Allow Your Diamonds to Shine

One of the basic keys to success when learning how to accessorize with small diamond earrings is to make sure that the diamonds are allowed to steal the show. If you are planning to wear your diamond earrings, then don't over-accessorize with other pieces or costume or real gemstones, but allow the diamonds to become the focal point of your accessorizing. Rather, consider how your attire and other accessories will lead the viewer's eye back to your small diamond earrings shining in your ears.

Buy the Right Size Diamonds for You

There are different sizes of diamond studs and small diamond earrings. If you have a smaller face, you will want to go for a more conservative design or a smaller carat size, while if you have a larger face, you will want to consider how a larger carat size or slightly more showy design will be more compelling when worn. Similarly, if you like to wear your hair fine, straight, or short, you will want to size your diamond earrings appropriately for your hair style and texture. Tiny diamond earrings might get lost in a head of riotous curls, but shine to brilliant elegance with a pixie haircut.

Wear Your Diamonds Often

Finally, don't consign your diamonds to the jewelry box except on the rarest of formal occasions. Have fun with your diamonds. Recognize how good they make you feel when you wear them, and consider how they might look with a fun casual t-shirt and some cute strappy heels with your jeans, as well as with that great cocktail dress you have planned for your New Year's Eve or gala party.

Different Styles of Small Diamond Earrings

Perhaps the most popular style of small diamond earrings is the diamond stud, which consists of a single diamond gemstone on an earring post. Helzberg diamonds offers a great way to accessorize with small diamond studs with their "build your own" online website. You can order round or princess style studs, choose your backing metal and setting style, choose your carat and weight, and then order. Another very popular style of small diamond earrings is the drop earring. With this style, such as the diamond drop earrings offered by Blue Nile Jewelry, you can have equal-sized diamond studs in a "drop" formation, or weights that increase as they get farther away from the earlobes. This beautiful style can also be found in a teardrop drop earring style at Blue Nile.diam

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