How to Apply for the Army Reserve Tuition Assistance Program

By Mary Richardson , last updated October 28, 2011

Active-duty Army Reservists have several ways to pursue educational goals, including the Army Reserve Tuition Assistance Program. This program enables soldiers to work towards a degree, while they are still serving in the military. Don't give up your college dreams. Use these guidelines to apply for the Army Tuition Assistance Program.

Visit a Military Education Center

Before pursuing tuition assistance on your own, visit a local military education center and meet with an education service specialist. This representative can answer your questions regarding eligibility for the program depending upon your military status. Factors, such as how many years of service and what kind of program you're studying, affect the amount of money for which you qualify. In general, the Army Reserve Tuition Assistance offers up to $250 per semester hour for study, which is $4,500 a year.

Determine Eligibility

You are eligible for TA if you are an active duty soldier in good standing, and you are working towards a credential higher than your current level. The program can be pursued during off duty hours for a high school diploma, a college degree, or Masters degree. However, it cannot be used for courses beyond a Masters. It is available for traditional classrooms or online courses.

In addition, you must be sure that you have time to complete your course before separation from the Army Reserves. Commissioned officers must have 4 years of service remaining after the completion of the course.

Enroll in Education Program

Research and enroll in your chosen program. However, be sure that it is accredited and officially registered with the GoArmyEd program. Your education service specialist can guide you to find an appropriate school.

Request Assistance

After enrolling in a specific course, go to to register and request assistance. All TA requests must be done online. Follow directions on the website for filing. If you are denied assistance, you will be notified and provided with guidance for improving your chances of approval.

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