How to Become a Catastrophe Adjuster

By Shannon C , last updated January 27, 2012

There are four major steps to becoming a catastrophe adjuster, which is a type of insurance adjuster that works specifically to assess and handle insurance claims in the case of catastrophes or natural disasters. The entire field of insurance adjustment is growing by leaps and bounds in the wake of several devastating natural disasters that have occurred in recent years in various regions of the United States, and as the field grows, knowledge of the perks and benefits of becoming an insurance adjuster is growing with it. This means that more insurance adjusters are competing for the same jobs, and as the economy continues its sluggish performance nationwide, more individuals are continually seeking to become their own boss and maintain control over their income and employability.

If you are an insurance adjuster candidate, you'll want to pick a field that is newer, and therefore has more entry points; fortunately, catastrophe adjuster is one of those entry points that is still gaining steam. There are several steps you will need to take to become a catastrophe adjuster.

First, you will need to get your adjuster license in order to be certified to work as a catastrophe insurance adjuster. There is no specific license for catastrophe insurance adjusters per se, so you will need to get a general, state-specific insurance adjuster license before you can start working in the field. To do this, check with your state of residence or the state where you wish to work and find out what their requirements are. Some states will not require licensure to work as an insurance adjuster, so in these cases you will need to get either a Texas or Florida license which offers you reciprocal licensure privileges. This means you will not have to take another state exam in a new state before you can obtain your licensure to work in that state as well.

The next step you will need to take is to decide whether or not you could benefit from insurance adjuster training before starting out in your new field. There are several different types of training courses you could take if you are new to the field, but if you have prior experience you may not need this training. That decision will be up to you but could make the difference between being able to win jobs against competitors in the catastrophe adjuster field, so choose wisely. Once you have your license and any training you need, you are ready to see jobs. You may elect to work with a company that specializes in catastrophe or insurance adjustment claims, or you may decide to become an independent contractor. Each has their pros and cons. You may want to contract with one or more companies to be assured of referrals of work from several sources. You will need to develop your resume and apply to companies you are interested in to find the right position for you.

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