How to Build a Business's Web Presence

By Sarah Brodsky , last updated July 17, 2011

A business that builds a strong web presence will reach more customers and keep them more highly engaged compared with a business that isn't visible online. A central part of any company's online campaign is its website, which should be updated frequently to draw repeat visitors. But businesses should also stay active on social networking sites to present their marketing message to targeted audiences. Many businesses use these sites to run successful giveaways and contests, which spread awareness of their brands and cultivate loyal customers. After all, the goal of online marketing is for customers to feel a personal connection to the business and to convince other people to try its products.

Keep Your Website Current

People return to a website again and again if they expect to find new content. Your business's website should be updated as often as possible to bring visitors back. An easy way to do this to create a blog that tells customers about new products or improvements your business is offering. You can also interview employees or customers and publish the interviews on the site. Don't just post text; mix it up by adding new videos or photos to your business's website at regular intervals. And whenever you post something new, make sure there is a way for customers to contact you about it and give you feedback. You might want to allow customers to enter comments directly on the website, or you could include email addresses and phone numbers that customers can use to reach you.

Use Social Networking Sites

If your business's customers are on sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter, then your business should have a presence on those sites too. Using these social networks is a great opportunity to direct traffic to your business's website. Plus, staying active on multiple sites boosts your company's overall image on the interent.

Hold a Giveaway or Contest

Expand your business's web presence by offering customers a chance to win a product for free. You can hold a contest that people enter through social networks. For example, they could compete by signing in at your business's location on Foursquare, or they could like your business's Facebook page for a chance to win. Another option is to hold a raffle for anyone who comments on your business's blog or website. Some popular bloggers may agree to host giveaways for you. They'll review your products, encourage their readers to look at your business's website, and give a free product to one or more of their readers chosen at random.

Advertise by Word of Mouth

The best advertisement is a satisfied customer, and that's just as true online as it is in face-to-face interactions. Interact with your customers online, and give them a reason to spread the word about your business. Recognize customers who tell their friends about your products online or who use social media to offer suggestions for improvement. Reward them with coupons or special deals. Most importantly, keep your customers happy, and the online buzz will spread on its own.

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