How to Build an Outdoor Christmas Nativity Scene

By Shannon C , last updated September 30, 2011

Building an outdoor Christmas nativity scene can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. At its most complex, you may find yourself purchasing wood and nails and hammers and constructing your own inn and manger for display in your front yard. At its simplest, you may simply purchase beautiful nativity figurines for display, or even hold a live nativity scene of your own one evening just before Christmas. Choosing at what end of the spectrum you prefer to be may have as much to do with budget and time constraints as with your degree of handiness with construction and woodworking. Luckily, there is a wealth of options for you when building your own Christmas nativity scene.

Many online and offline retailers sell traditional Christmas figurines including baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three Wise Men, and the various livestock that surrounded the manger the night Jesus was born. You can do something as simple as creating an outline of the stable with two garden stakes, stringing some wire between them and suspending a battery-powered star in the center to symbolize the North Star. Or you can purchase a pre-made stable and manger from a retailer and erect it in your front yard if you don't want to construct your own.

Purchasing the figurines may be cheap or more pricey depending on your budget. Since you will not need the figurines and nativity materials for eleven months out of the year, it is important to consider storage capacity before you purchase all of the supplies and the figurines. If you want to opt for the simplest route of all, contact local houses of worship and ask them if their youth group would like to come out and put on a live nativity scene in your front yard as a fun and unique expression of holiday spirit.

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