How to Buy Rose Bushes Online

By Mary Richardson , last updated February 24, 2011

When it comes to growing the perfect rose garden, there are many options for acquiring varieties that may not be available in your area, including buying rose bushes online. This is convenient and often cheaper than local home stores or nurseries. The drawback of online buying is that you cannot see exactly what you get, so you should consider several factors before purchase. These tips will help you buy rose bushes online.

First, research which varieties are appropriate for the setting in which you live. Also consider other factors like zone, light conditions, and soil around your house which can affect how well your roses thrive. Ask a local nursery for recommendations about which varieties are best suited to those criteria. Also think about how much time and care you want to put into maintaining your roses. Some varieties are hardy, while others require constant attention.

Second, consider the type of ornamentation you want. For roses that grow over a trellis, buy climbing tea roses. For background rose bushes, choose Polyantha or Floribunda. For small accent roses that complement other flowers, choose miniature or China roses. There are dozens of varieties to suit different garden styles. You might also choose between bare-root bushes that you plant or ones that stay in a container.

Next, find an online seller specializing in rose bushes. These companies will be able to answer specific questions before you purchase from them. They will also assist you in rose care after sending the plants through the mail.

Finally, follow the seller's instructions for purchase. Usually online floral companies showcase pictures of the rose bushes and descriptions. Buying them is as simple as filling out an online order form and providing credit card information. Be sure to read carefully the company's shipping and refund or exchange policies.

Buying rose bushes online is a great way to diversify the types of roses in your garden.

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