How to Care for and Prune a Crepe Myrtle Tree

By Danny Wong , last updated September 23, 2011

In caring for and pruning a crepe myrtle tree, you have to keep a few important things in mind. A crepe myrtle tree should have comfortable growing conditions like moist soil, mulch, and fertilization. To prune a crepe myrtle tree, you must have strong, sterilized equipment for getting rid of problem branches, and must prune in the spring before blooming season. Here, you'll learn more about how to care for and prune a crepe myrtle tree.

In order to care for your crepe myrtle tree, make sure its soil is moist, and while it's tolerant to drought, don't just neglect watering it during infrequent rain and extended drought. Make sure to add some mulch to your crepe myrtle tree which helps to protect its soil from the hot sun and drying winds and from the cold weather during the winter. Your crepe myrtle tree also needs good fertilization since it grows very quickly and has a plentiful blooming season. Quick growing trees need lots of nutrition to feed their constantly growing parts.
In pruning your crepe myrtle tree, identify diseased, dead, or damaged stems and branches and start pruning them with sterilized equipment and tools. Whenever you notice problem branches and stems, make sure to get rid of them promptly before diseases spread and affect the rest of the tree, and so dead and dying branches don't continue to drain energy and nutrients away from the tree, wasting those resources. When you prune, new, healthy parts will grow in place of the pruned parts, so you have a fully healthy crepe myrtle tree. The best time to prune is in the spring before their growing season, and you would prune to keep your crepe myrtle tree shapely and beautiful. Avoid pruning during the winter because exposed parts will get damaged by the harsh weather, and those damaged parts may need to be pruned during better weather, causing you to cut down the tree even more than you had hoped for.
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