How to Care for Impatiens

By Justin Graves , last updated March 4, 2011

Impatiens are excellent plants that can produce bright and vivid flowers when you know how to care for them. These plants are used in all types of gardens across the world. Whether you need a good flower to line the edge of your garden or you would like to put some impatiens on display in plastic containers, there are a few general steps you can take to ensure that your impatiens flourish and thrive. First, you should always try to use well-drained soil when planting and caring for your impatiens. If you're growing these flowers in containers, you should use a high-quality potting soil instead. While pinching is not required because impatiens are able to shed their own flowers, you should nevertheless pinch them occasionally as an extra measure.

Although these plants are relatively easy to care for, they do not withstand winter temperatures very well, so you should always plan to plant your impatiens at least several weeks after the last frost has hit. If you encounter problems with your impatiens drying out too soon, consider watering them more. However, if the extra watering doesn’t fix this situation, then your impatiens may be receiving too much direct sunlight. In this case, move them to an area that receives mostly indirect sunlight and try to keep the direct sunlight to a two hour maximum per day.

When searching for impatiens at your local gardening center, you should look at each plant’s respective label to determine roughly how tall and wide that plant will be. Many people make the mistake of just picking impatiens plants based on the flowers they produce rather than taking their sizes into consideration. Every impatiens plant should have a tag that indicates whether the plant is short, tall or medium sized.

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