How to Clean A Leather Chair

By Joseph Boyle , last updated February 24, 2011

These tips will help you safely clean your leather chairs without fear of ruining them. Leather furniture can lend an air of elegance to any room, but it can pose a challenge when it comes to proper cleaning and maintenance. Use of improper cleaning methods can easily lead to destroying the beautiful leather.

Before You Begin

Make sure you determine the specific type of leather you're working with. A good place to start is the tags on your furniture. They should tell you the leather type, and may offer tips on the best ways to clean it. Most furniture made these days will have top-coat protected furniture and will be compatible with the cleaning method outlined below.

Cleaning Materials

  • Vacuum cleaner and soft brush attachment
  • Mild soap, like Dove, or Neutrogena
  • Distilled water
  • Buckets
  • 4 soft rags
  • Water-based leather protectant

How to Clean Your Chair

Vacuum the leather surfaces thoroughly. Be sure your vacuum cleaner is not too forceful or it may leave marks on the leather. Next, mix distilled water with a couple of drops of liquid soap until suds form. Test out the solution on a small portion of the furniture first. If the solution is effective, dip one of the rags into the soapy water and wring it out completely. Work a single section of the furniture at a time, wiping each surface with the damp rag. Use another rag and dip it in a bucket of clean distilled water, wring it out completely, and then wipe over the same section, removing the soapy residue. Using a third rag, dry the surface entirely. With the fourth rag, buff the surface thoroughly to bring back the shine. Next treat the surface with the water-based leather protectant, following the instructions on the product label.

These cleaning tips will have your leather chair looking beautiful once more.

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