How to Clean Rust on Patio Furniture

By Erik Neilson , last updated August 31, 2011

Rust build-up can be rather difficult to remove, so knowing how to clean rust on patio furniture is invaluable knowledge. For those who enjoy being outdoors, there’s nothing better than having a backyard patio. One of the caveats of caring for a patio, however, is trying to prevent metal patio furniture from rusting. As a result, rust should be tackled as soon as it becomes visible. Fortunately, rust can be removed from patio furniture quickly and easily when it is caught on time, using only a few household materials.

To remove rust, you will need to have on hand vinegar, mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Start by moistening the cloth and wiping down the rusty area on the furniture. This will help to remove excess peeling rust, as well as any dirt and debris that may be on the area. Wet the cloth with a small amount of vinegar and vigorously rub the rust spots, ensuring that you are able to apply vinegar to any and all rust that may be present. Allow the vinegar to sit for approximately five minutes, and wipe with a wet cloth.

Next, prepare a solution of water and mild soap. Dip your cloth in the solution and clean the rusted out area. This will remove any leftover residue from the vinegar, as well as any leftover rust. You can repeat the entire process once or twice if the rust is especially stubborn, using baking soda rather than vinegar. Ensure that you dry the area completely after cleaning, as leftover moisture can result in the formation of more rust, negating all of the work you’ve done.

If your furniture is especially prone to rust, you may wish to cover it with a slipcover or bring it inside when it rains. The more you can do to prevent rust from forming, the less time you’ll have to spend trying eradicating it.

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